My favourite part of school this week


To 4/5O

My favourite part of school this week is?

learning 24 hour time in maths and house captain speeches.

and Chinese because it’s a great language to learn that’s what I think.

I can’t wait for the announcement of house captain speeches but I’m not getting my hopes up because I might not get in.

from Skye


5 thoughts on “My favourite part of school this week

  1. To Skye,
    I am so excited for house captain bages and all that kinda stuff anounces are you?
    From Shelby.

    • To Shelby.
      I can not wait for house captain announces.
      Can you not wait to for the house captain announces?

      From Skye.☀️

  2. Dear Skye,
    I like 24 hour time too. For me it was really easy. I agree with you chinese is a great language to learn! I think it’s fantastic that you decided to run for house captain. Are you excited for when they announce house captains?
    From Ella

    • To Ella
      I am very excited about house captain speechs.
      Hopefully next year you can go for it and get in.

      What would you like about being house captain and why.
      From Skye.☀️

  3. Hi Skye
    I love 24 hour time.
    Do you like 24 hour time?
    From Rebecca

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