There should be a canteen at H.P.S

A canteen is a place people go when they have money and they can buy treats, hot foods, cold foods and refreshing drinks. They can be found at different schools at sport clubs and swimming pools. Some people believe that people shouldn’t have canteens at all, and others think canteens are a good idea like a small little store or shop.

Firstly, if you don’t have a canteen just imagine a sweltering day all the kids are moaning with sweat dripping down their face. They can’t go to the canteen can’t they. No icy poles or nice, cold, refreshing beverages to drink. So should we have a canteen or not?

Similarly, a canteen is nice to go to when you have money to buy stuff like nice treats. Such as, cold chocolate milk or strawberry milk. Wouldn’t that be nice to have?

My next point, picture a freezing sharp frosty day. All the kids are frozen on the spot and you have goosebumps on your arms and legs . You can hear teeth chattering loudly and kids are quivering in the yard. But if you are a smart bright kid you know that hot food will cure the cold kids, so you go to the canteen. And look at what you can buy, such as hot pies, steaming hot pizzas and nice hot drinks. So do you want a canteen or just keep watching kids shivering, your choice?

On the other hand, just imagine all that litter and rubbish in the yard and people have to pick it up that’s just gross. And can you imagine the environment with rubbish behind the bushes and rubbish stuck between the branches of a tree? That’s just awful. So do you want to see litter in the yard? Or in the bin?

Normal T.C, a canteen is not good for health, it puts on too much weight on bodies. Could you imagine that they wouldn’t be proud of themselves just going home and feeling un proud? That could be you or your sister or brother.

Ultimately, The canteen costs too much someone might want an icy pole on a hot day but only has enough for a hot party pie. Just picture those poor kids with empty stomachs starving with hunger? Would that be nice to watch so remind them to bring lunch next time. You can buy a delicious, scrumptious, freshly baked loaf of bread and a block of mouth-watering, luscious cheese from the supermarket, for the same price as an expensive, soggy pie from the canteen.

The canteen is good for food and if you have money and its good for a nice delicious luscious treat. However it’s unhealthy and not good for diet and it puts on more weight on your body than you think. So think about it, what side are you on?

Follow Your Drerams.

Follow Your Dreams

When you have a dream you want to follow that exact dream don’t you. And when you have a dream you never want to look back do you. I have a dream, 2 dreams my first dream is to be a veternarian, I love animals, my second draem is to be a singer, I just love to sing so much.



what has happened this week.

What has happened this week is,

On Monday I finished my mango pudding poster with the recipeon it.It looks awesome I even put a picture of the mango pudding.

On Tuesday we all did maths and I got my first 144 score I just need two more than I’m on expert can’t wait.

On Wednesday the class and I had music and we all played bobs and statues it was a lot of fun.

On Thursday the whole school had a day off but the teachers had to come to school for work.

On Friday we had art the clas and I did Harmony day doves and we had magazines on the tableand cut out pictures that has to do with Harmony day,Harmony is a day of peace and respecting others and their culture. That is what Harmony day is.

that was my weekat school.