Arnotts is Australian

Arnott’s biscuits is Australian, their delicious, scrumtious, mouth watering, tasty, scrummy, yummy, finger licking and scrumdiddlyumptious. Do you know that William arnott has used more than $3billion.

  • 85,000 tonnes of flour and grains from areas including the Darling Downs, Moree, Riverina, South Australia and Western Australia
  • 18,500 tonnes of sugar from North Queensland
  • 4,100 tonnes of dairy products from Victoria and NSW
  • And 4,400 tonnes of canola oil sourced from canola crops from Western/Southern NSW and Northern Victoria

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  1. Thanks Dominica,
    What’s your favourite Arnott biscuit?

    And what do you like about Arnott biscuits?

    They’re your questions.
    Good luck answering them.


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