Change Bedtimes

To mum and dad,

pit has gone on forever, for centuries,arguing continuously. Kid VS parents. Either loud, quiet or normal. Should kids be able to choose their bedtimes. Grumpy parents making hopeless kids going to b d early, that really sucks and I know what it feels like.

Firstly. I believe kids should be able to change bedtimes. Because its their their bedtime, their choice. 81% of kids in the school thinks children should choose the limit of bedtime. Kids are powerless and annoyed of going to bed early it’s their choice. When their old enough they should choose.

Secondly. I believe kids should choose their bedtime. A kid needs energy when they wake up, but when they choose, they will still get energy when they wake up. It should increase of how old they are, like when their old enough they should choose bedtime.

Ultimately. I believe kids should be able to choose their bedtime. It’s no use parents just wasting time arguing and fighting. It’s easier if no fighting and arguing just complete silence.   The queen chatted to me and agreed that kids should choose their bedtime.

Thats all, that is why parents should not tell kids when to go to bed. What side are you on. Because 2% of kids thinks it’s alright if parents choose bedtime. Don’t be the last parents to change bedtimes. Your hair looks so nice today I’d expect you have already done and changed bedtimes.

Equivalent Fractions

imageDuring the week the class and I have been doing equivalent fractions. It was fun and I really enjoyed it. This is the task we had to do, How many equivalent fractions can you show using the multiplication strategy.

eg: 6|12= 72|144

Water Cycle

image This is Dominicas and mine, it is a diorama of the Water Cycle. First is the Evaporation, which is the sun heating up the water then the water vapours go up into the cloud. Next is the Condensation, which is when the water vapours get heavier and heavier and bigger. Thirdly is the Precipitation, when the water vapours get so heavy the start to fall which is called raindrops. Lastly Collection, is when the water all goes together and it starts all again.



100 word challenge #23

I went outside to see a pretty bird and then I had beautiful stunning blue wings. When I suddenly darted at a horse that was a nice caramel colour and then I owned it in a “bling”. That was such a wonderful sound, to have when your happy.

And in a second I was staring at a treehouse and I was dieing to own it, then “kapow”, I owned it.

Suddenly I knew I had nearly everything in the town, I had to stop but I would get some more just for good luck.

The End.

Creek Excursion

It started off as a freezing morning in Huntly the grass was frozen completly white and cold. My class went in a bus to the Bendigo Creek it was fun and exciting. My partner was Reese for the whole day. The time we left it was 10:20am. The first lesson we did was water testing we had all these equipment to test the water it was healthy and good on our survey. Then we had recess and a break. Our next session was habitat assesment, it was fun we rated the water  and the banks. After that we had looking for macroinvertibrates we found a stick-dude, boatmen,freshwater shrimp,bloodworm and all the others. Then we had lunch I had Vegemite on my lunch it was yum. After lunch we went to school on the bus and we went to the library/blogging.

BTN Episode

1. What was the main point of the Indigenous Veterans story? To tell people that Aboriginals could go to war.

2. Describe the book the school kids have written. Its about 8 different Indigenous families that went to war.

3. How did the students research the book? Talking to archives and residence, and people that were in the family.

4. Were Indigenous people recognised for their service in wars? Aboriginals weren’t recognized for what they were doing in the war.

5. Complete the following sentence: During WWI Noneuropean weren’t allowed to sign up for the military.

6. About how many Indigenous people served in World War One? About 1,000 Aboriginals found their way to the front line in the war.

7. Why was a ceremony held for Indigenous veterans recently? That people would notice that Aboriginals helped in the war to fight for their country they live in.

8. How did the school kids help out at the ceremony? Offering elders to sit with their family on the seats I  Adelaide.

9. What feedback did the students get about their project? Excellent and thank you for doing this.

10. In your own words describe the role Indigenous Australians have played in wars. That Aboriginals can fight in the wars all  around the Australia.

By Rebecca and Skye.

Netball Information Report

Netball is a sport played world wide. Mostly participated by females. It was first played in England,1901. Then netball came to Australia 60 years later. Netball  also involes teamwork in the game.

Positions:                                                                                                                                                                                                         There are 7 positions on a netball court. Such as GK,GS,GA,GD,WA,WD and C. Meanings of each letter are Goal Keeper(GK), Goal Shooter(GS), Goal Attack(GA), Goal Defense(GD), Wing Attack(WA), Wing Defense(WD) and Centre(C). Only 2 players are allowed to score a goal(GA,GS).

Court Measurements:                                                                                                                                                                                    The measurements of a netball court. The full measurements of a netball court is 30.5m long and 15.25m of width. The centre circle is 0.9m length and width. The court is divided into three thirds, each third is 10.17m length and width. The goal circle (a semi-circle) is 4.9m length and width. The goal line is 15.25m length and width. The netball court is the shape of a rectangle.

How Many Throws:                                                                                   There are only 4 throws in netball. Such as,bounce pass,shoulder pass,chest pass and overhead pass (also known as the lob). You can use them for any throw in netball.

Things You Can Do And Can’t Do:                                                                 No dribbling,No bouncing (more than twice then you get picked up), and there are no backboard on the hoop. No running with the ball you must stay on the spot. You can pivet to change direction(leave your grounded foot on the ground and the other foot you use it to turn). Defenders must be 3 feet away from the person with the ball. You only have 3 seconds with the ball or the umpire will call it a held ball.

What To Wear:                                                                                                     For netball you don’t wear any kin of dress. For netball you epwear a dress that is right above your knees, if your a boy you wear a top with Velcro. Sometimes the dress is a bit shorter. You have to have you hair up or it might get in the way, if your a boy you just leave it if your hair is short. You also CAN NOT wear earrings and no jewellery, if you do they can get ripped off. You also have to make sure that your nails are cut short.

That is all the bits and pieces of the things from netball. And if you are a little kid that wants to play go to Net Set Go and you’ll learn all about the netball things.





100 word challenge week#21

One miserable and rainy day, a boy was going to footy and a girl was going to netball. There names were Jeff and Sarah. They were in there Triton Mitsubishi, that is yellow that when you look at it you’ll almost go blind. When they stopped at the petrol station they burst into laughter to see that a clown had fallen  and landed on their bottom. They stayed in the car while their parents filled the car with fuel. 5minutes later they were at the traffic light all of a sudden a whistle blew everyone dissapered in towards the light.