BTN Episode

1. What was the main point of the Indigenous Veterans story? To tell people that Aboriginals could go to war.

2. Describe the book the school kids have written. Its about 8 different Indigenous families that went to war.

3. How did the students research the book? Talking to archives and residence, and people that were in the family.

4. Were Indigenous people recognised for their service in wars? Aboriginals weren’t recognized for what they were doing in the war.

5. Complete the following sentence: During WWI Noneuropean weren’t allowed to sign up for the military.

6. About how many Indigenous people served in World War One? About 1,000 Aboriginals found their way to the front line in the war.

7. Why was a ceremony held for Indigenous veterans recently? That people would notice that Aboriginals helped in the war to fight for their country they live in.

8. How did the school kids help out at the ceremony? Offering elders to sit with their family on the seats I  Adelaide.

9. What feedback did the students get about their project? Excellent and thank you for doing this.

10. In your own words describe the role Indigenous Australians have played in wars. That Aboriginals can fight in the wars all  around the Australia.

By Rebecca and Skye.

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