1. I think adults are more likely to get a concussion than a kids, because they play rougher then kids and because their stronger, and they can tackle harder.
  2. The symptoms of a concussion is dizziness, blurry vision, the world goes black (can’t see), confused, sick, shocked and that’s because your brain is bruised and even makes small tears in the nerves.
  3. 100,000 sport related concussions occur in Australia each year.

100 Word Challenge week#1

One frosty, cold, ice night. Dizzy the snake was purple all around. Frightened  of the night in the wild, everything moving towards the wind, what else could frighten her?

A bear with a scary face, a fire in the woods, although that would warm her up and bring her the light of the single flame, Like the sunshine has already rises in the blue cloudy sky.

When Dizzy woke she saw a fish, a Japanese Fighting Fish that kind of just flew out of the water and landed in her mouth. And she ate it happily.


My School Holiday

My school holiday was rather quite busy because, we wanted too have heaps of family day outs so we could spend time together. We also wanted to have a busy school holiday because we moved in to Victoria and we couldn’t go out and do anything, we had to pack boxes and clean the house.

I’ll start with the fun stuff. We went to The Zone, that has, go carting, archery, laser skirmish, mini golf, arcade games and roller blading. We did everything except mini golf because it was raining and cold and we didn’t want to catch a cold.

We woke up early on a Saturday morning, at 5:40am to go to Mt Buller where it snows. When we got there it wasn’t that cold, and the snow wasn’t how I imagined, I thought it would be soft but instead it was like smashed little bits of ice. We went tobogganing, built a snowman and had a snowball fight. When I went tobogganing I face planted into the snow it was funny.

I played netball,it was a hard game but we lost, it was still fun though because it doesn’t matter if you lose or win its about having fun in the sport or game you are playing.

And that’s all I can remember the fun stuff on the school holidays. The awesome, marvellous, fun and funny holidays.