100word Challenge

Charlotte Caslick did a great tackle and everyone cheered except when I do a tackle to my brother I get no cheer.

I was at a netball game and cheering for Thunderbirds when they shot a goal but when I shoot a goal no one cheers.

when people go up for assembly to get awarded the audience cheer for them right? Well not for me.

I was opening a present and no one cheered but then they did. Everyone cheered when I got a tackle, when I got a goal, get awarded.

Cheer everyday for everyone.


…as I stared into the water it began to turn green…

I was going to began a race I was shivering and it felt like little scales were against my inside of my tummy. It was so exciting but nerve wracking, I looked down and darted straight at the water and stared for a while. It was beggining to turn green, everywhere green like someone made slime, jelly or dyed it. Everyone was staring down at the water now even the crowd was, then there was a splash of green dyed water, it was a green fish that was leaving a trail of green dye. They cleaned the water, I won.

My Olympic Story

I’m beginning for a race, and it makes me imagine when this started and how it did start. When I was younger,11 years old. I was always good at hurdles. Until that’s when I grew up and went for tryouts for hurdles.

Thats when I got a sprained ankle and I wasn’t good enough at hurdles. I went on a plane to Australia, my home. That’s when I got the feeling my plane was going down. I felt sick in the tummy and awful everywhere else. I took my seatbelt off and went to the driver of my plane. I tried to steer and pull up but my strength wasn’t good enough. I was going to crash land ” please help me” I screamed in my head.

I held on tight and hoped I would make it thru this rough moment. Suddenly I heard a ” THUMP” we crashed on an island. I got out, water surrounded me everywhere. I remembered that I was going home and didn’t know what to do. I had to survive, I had bruises on my knee, arm and foot, I had cuts on my thigh. So I tried to run across water, I sank to the bottom of the ocean. I swam back to the island.

I looked in front of me, Rio de Janeiro was there. I  tried another plan to jump across water all the way to Rio de Janeiro, instead sank to the bottom of the ocean. Swam back to the island. That’s when I remembered I’m a great swimmer, I swam all the way back to Rio de Janeiro by freestyle strokes. I saw a pod of dolphins and every other sea animal.

I finally made it and went to try outs for swimming. I made it in which was unbelievable. And that’s how I ended up in a swimming race. And I won by freestyle strokes. I broke the world record by 36 seconds in 200 metre back and forth race. That’s when I got up on a gold podium and wondered why did I do hurdle tryouts instead of this. That is when I became a legend. The crowd was smiling, amazed, clapping and cheering also screaming “Skye Taylor.”

that is how my Olympic story goes and how it happened. I took the plane home and waited for four years to go to the Olympic Games. I was all over the news, all over the world, in magazines, newspapers, Internet and in posters.

100 word challenge week 4


My friend and I just entered the Rio De Janeiro Olympic Race, for a marathon we were running for Australia. We just ran around a group of monkeys, snakes and farting animals.

We were in the lead We could see the finish line, it was a red ribbon you run thru. We were so close we were 13 metres away from it, then someone pushed us over into the finish line we won gold and silver for Australia. We were standing on the podium proud and exhausted from running that maraton.

by Bec and Skye


…but how would I know… 100 word challenge

“But how would I know to do that.” Argued the boy in the blue polka dot socks.

He didn’t know how to change a nappy of a baby boy.

“But you have to dear.” Answered his mum on the phone at her work. So she rang her youngest daughter that was crazy and didn’t know anything about babies.

” But mum how would I know to do that” cried Sophie at the speaker of her phone, ” but please your brother won’t do it.”

” Ok mum but don’t get mad if I do it wrong” She did and she did it wrong.