Everyone went to woodwork on Friday 9th of September in the MPR. We all made paddle boats out of balsa wood. We all went to learn how to use wood properly, cut it correctly and how to use the vice work bench. Overall the session was interesting, educational, creative, fiddle and artistic.

we went to the session of the day, on the 9th of September Friday morning. The first lesson was at woodwork. Our class walked down to the MPR, when we got there, there was some kids waiting from other classes joining in. Martin introduced himself to the class and what we are all going to create. Martin put us with a partner, mine was Mikayla, we all went to a vice work bench, Martin showed us what to do and in the end everyone had a paddle boat in their hands.

The woodworking session was interesting because everyone used vice work benches. It was creative and artistic using wood to form something. When I walked in everything was organised and in its place. It was educational because I learnt how to make a paddle boat. Exciting how we used a coping saw which was my first time using one.

On the other hand it was confusing how to cut the wood and where to put it. It was weird how Martin had a horn named Harry. The wood was fiddly trying to stick it down. Difficult which way to stick wood on. Harry the horn could be annoying.

In the end of the session it was educational, artistic and creative. Next time Martin should of explained himself more, then it won’t be so confusing. I give Martin 7/10 thumbs up. If you were going to go to woodwork I recommend you to go and be creative, if I get a chance to go again I would go.

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