100word challenge

I was  taking a  stroll to the park. I stopped  to see a silky web, flies were all over it surrounding the web. I jumped and climbed on the web I made the web go up and down crazy back and forth up and down. I darted straight at long black legs so hairy. I spotted a head with at least eight eyes to count I saw my reflection in the eyes. I stared at the rest of its appearance it came from the right hand side. It was made of rubber then I noticed it was a prank.

Week 6 100 word challenge

I put on a rose pink shimmery dress the material felt like fairy floss just a version that wasn’t sticky and icky. I went to the shops to find a top, the material felt like fluffy dog fur that I could sleep in. I found some shorts, the material felt like something I’ve never felt before. I found some nice warm jumpers, the material felt and looked like fairy wings but it actually wasn’t fairy wings it was silk but a version that was warm.


100word challenge

I was in a dark room the lights were switched off. Everyone was hiding silence filled the air. All you could here was breathing and then the lock clicked and the door opened wide. Her eyes were closed we were all playing murder a in the dark.

we could here leaps coming from that side and footsteps from the other then finally she caught all of us. We played again and again the lock clicked and the door opened wide with the creak again and again.