100word challenge

I was in a dark room the lights were switched off. Everyone was hiding silence filled the air. All you could here was breathing and then the lock clicked and the door opened wide. Her eyes were closed we were all playing murder a in the dark.

we could here leaps coming from that side and footsteps from the other then finally she caught all of us. We played again and again the lock clicked and the door opened wide with the creak again and again.

One thought on “100word challenge

  1. Hi skye,
    its your pen pal Cinzia i really like your post and i really wanted to answer you questions.

    My favourite singer is Ariana Grande
    My favourite football team is port Adelaide
    My favourite colour is baby green and pink
    My favourite Animal is a baby monkey and a dolphin

    I would love to know what your favourite netball team is {mine is the thunderbirds} And what your favourite netball position {mine is WA} i would love for you to text back on my blog which is cinzia56ma.edublogs.org.
    from cinzia

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