100 word challenge

I was racing my sister, Autumn. I was just in the lead when something happened I tripped and fell on my right arm. “OUCH.” I yelled in pain. ” HELP ME.”

Autumn came sprinting to me and stumbled and fell on her knee. Her knee was bleeding, red thick blood was running out. Luckily there was a long leaf. She wrapped it over her knee. And stood up. “you okay.” She asked.

” Yeah.” I answered.

then a voice came from behind us. “Greeting humans of earth.”

we peeked behind ourselves. It was an alien. From an alien ship we tripped over.

Anastasia Hayes

Anastasia Butler was born in 1817 at Castle, County Kilkenny, Ireland. She married Timothy Hayes and became Anastasia Hayes. She was raised in Ireland and lived there. Anastasia was known to be a teacher. However she was also known for sewing the miners flag.

Anstasia survived an Irish potato famine in (1846-1851.) Her parents were Richard Butler and Ellen Baron. She was the only child in her family. Mrs Hayes had 5 children of her own. When she was only 34 years of age she and her 5 children plus husband moved to Melbourne on a mobile, in 1852 October the 5th.

Anastasia had her sixth child in her tent. She had one son, Rosco Hayes, she also had 5 daughters, Zosia Hayes, Lauren Hayes, Danielle Hayes, Lily Hayes and Ellen Hayes, Ellen was named after her grandmother.Mr Hayes moved to South America for a number of years and left his children and wife all alone. Mrs Hayes worked as a teacher at a catholic school named St Alipius in 1854.She was amongst A few other people who helped Peter Lalorwhen his arm was being amputated. She died at her King Street home just days after her 74th birthday.