100 Word Challenge

In 2017 I hope I will be able to be School Captain and represent the school. I would also hope to have heaps of my friends in my class next year. I would love to see no rubbish on the playground, yard, environment and anywhere else in the school grounds. That’s all really what I want to see next year in 2017.

100 Word Challenege

I was climbing up a tree.When I got to the top. I saw something. As I turned round the branch changed shape. The shape was, an elf. Like santas little spy was spying on me. I climbed down.

I took a stroll until I ended up in an dark unlit cave. I had to army crawl. I saw a beautiful sight, a waterfall. As I turned round the water changed shape. The shape opened and there was an elf made out of water. Like santas little spy was spying on me.

where ever I went, an elf spayed on me.

100 Word Challenge

I was within a bubble, outside of the zoo. Luckily a person collapsed on the bubble and the bubble POPPED. So I walked into the zoo and the first thing I saw was the elephant. The elephant was so wide, that it nearly broke the tree in it’s habitat. The second thing that I saw was an orange sign that said. “This way to the crocodile show.” I strolled over to see what was the yelling and screaming that was going on and on. The crocodile made a splash and the crowd went wild again. I loved the show loads.