100 Word Challenge

I was within a bubble, outside of the zoo. Luckily a person collapsed on the bubble and the bubble POPPED. So I walked into the zoo and the first thing I saw was the elephant. The elephant was so wide, that it nearly broke the tree in it’s habitat. The second thing that I saw was an orange sign that said. “This way to the crocodile show.” I strolled over to see what was the yelling and screaming that was going on and on. The crocodile made a splash and the crowd went wild again. I loved the show loads.

2 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge

  1. Hey Skye.
    I really like your blog post. What was your favourite part of doing that post maybe was it working with your partner? I really like how you bolded some of the words. You have a really good blog so far. I can’t wait to see what else you do.

    • Hi Reese,
      I enjoyed it all. Especially working with you. You also have a really good blog so far. I can’t wait as well to post more. I can’t wait until I see your posts more to.

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