100 Word Challenge

In 2017 I hope I will be able to be School Captain and represent the school. I would also hope to have heaps of my friends in my class next year. I would love to see no rubbish on the playground, yard, environment and anywhere else in the school grounds. That’s all really what I want to see next year in 2017.

100 Word Challenege

I was climbing up a tree.When I got to the top. I saw something. As I turned round the branch changed shape. The shape was, an elf. Like santas little spy was spying on me. I climbed down.

I took a stroll until I ended up in an dark unlit cave. I had to army crawl. I saw a beautiful sight, a waterfall. As I turned round the water changed shape. The shape opened and there was an elf made out of water. Like santas little spy was spying on me.

where ever I went, an elf spayed on me.

100 Word Challenge

I was within a bubble, outside of the zoo. Luckily a person collapsed on the bubble and the bubble POPPED. So I walked into the zoo and the first thing I saw was the elephant. The elephant was so wide, that it nearly broke the tree in it’s habitat. The second thing that I saw was an orange sign that said. “This way to the crocodile show.” I strolled over to see what was the yelling and screaming that was going on and on. The crocodile made a splash and the crowd went wild again. I loved the show loads.

100 word challenge

I was racing my sister, Autumn. I was just in the lead when something happened I tripped and fell on my right arm. “OUCH.” I yelled in pain. ” HELP ME.”

Autumn came sprinting to me and stumbled and fell on her knee. Her knee was bleeding, red thick blood was running out. Luckily there was a long leaf. She wrapped it over her knee. And stood up. “you okay.” She asked.

” Yeah.” I answered.

then a voice came from behind us. “Greeting humans of earth.”

we peeked behind ourselves. It was an alien. From an alien ship we tripped over.

Anastasia Hayes

Anastasia Butler was born in 1817 at Castle, County Kilkenny, Ireland. She married Timothy Hayes and became Anastasia Hayes. She was raised in Ireland and lived there. Anastasia was known to be a teacher. However she was also known for sewing the miners flag.

Anstasia survived an Irish potato famine in (1846-1851.) Her parents were Richard Butler and Ellen Baron. She was the only child in her family. Mrs Hayes had 5 children of her own. When she was only 34 years of age she and her 5 children plus husband moved to Melbourne on a mobile, in 1852 October the 5th.

Anastasia had her sixth child in her tent. She had one son, Rosco Hayes, she also had 5 daughters, Zosia Hayes, Lauren Hayes, Danielle Hayes, Lily Hayes and Ellen Hayes, Ellen was named after her grandmother.Mr Hayes moved to South America for a number of years and left his children and wife all alone. Mrs Hayes worked as a teacher at a catholic school named St Alipius in 1854.She was amongst A few other people who helped Peter Lalorwhen his arm was being amputated. She died at her King Street home just days after her 74th birthday.

100word challenge

I was  taking a  stroll to the park. I stopped  to see a silky web, flies were all over it surrounding the web. I jumped and climbed on the web I made the web go up and down crazy back and forth up and down. I darted straight at long black legs so hairy. I spotted a head with at least eight eyes to count I saw my reflection in the eyes. I stared at the rest of its appearance it came from the right hand side. It was made of rubber then I noticed it was a prank.

Week 6 100 word challenge

I put on a rose pink shimmery dress the material felt like fairy floss just a version that wasn’t sticky and icky. I went to the shops to find a top, the material felt like fluffy dog fur that I could sleep in. I found some shorts, the material felt like something I’ve never felt before. I found some nice warm jumpers, the material felt and looked like fairy wings but it actually wasn’t fairy wings it was silk but a version that was warm.


100word challenge

I was in a dark room the lights were switched off. Everyone was hiding silence filled the air. All you could here was breathing and then the lock clicked and the door opened wide. Her eyes were closed we were all playing murder a in the dark.

we could here leaps coming from that side and footsteps from the other then finally she caught all of us. We played again and again the lock clicked and the door opened wide with the creak again and again.


Everyone went to woodwork on Friday 9th of September in the MPR. We all made paddle boats out of balsa wood. We all went to learn how to use wood properly, cut it correctly and how to use the vice work bench. Overall the session was interesting, educational, creative, fiddle and artistic.

we went to the session of the day, on the 9th of September Friday morning. The first lesson was at woodwork. Our class walked down to the MPR, when we got there, there was some kids waiting from other classes joining in. Martin introduced himself to the class and what we are all going to create. Martin put us with a partner, mine was Mikayla, we all went to a vice work bench, Martin showed us what to do and in the end everyone had a paddle boat in their hands.

The woodworking session was interesting because everyone used vice work benches. It was creative and artistic using wood to form something. When I walked in everything was organised and in its place. It was educational because I learnt how to make a paddle boat. Exciting how we used a coping saw which was my first time using one.

On the other hand it was confusing how to cut the wood and where to put it. It was weird how Martin had a horn named Harry. The wood was fiddly trying to stick it down. Difficult which way to stick wood on. Harry the horn could be annoying.

In the end of the session it was educational, artistic and creative. Next time Martin should of explained himself more, then it won’t be so confusing. I give Martin 7/10 thumbs up. If you were going to go to woodwork I recommend you to go and be creative, if I get a chance to go again I would go.